“I highly recommend OBSA to any young man that wants to gain velocity on pitching, catching, or fielding. Eric has the latest state of the art equipment to diagnose each player. With Eric’s expertise and the equipment involved, this is a no brainer. If a player wants to take his performance to the next level and learn from someone who has played pro ball and coached MLB players. The knowledge he brings to the table doesn’t justify his prices. Eric and his staff are VERY knowlegeable, personable, and they are there for each and every player to get better, not just the money. This is the ONLY place I would recommend!”

Jamie BakerUniv, of Cincinnati All-American, Chicago White Sox Alum, & PG Ohio Head Coach
Dan DeLuciaOhio State - Pitching Coach

We have several guys that train throughout the year with Eric and OBSA. He and his staff do a great job supplying each athlete with an individualized plan using cutting-edge technology. We trust the work being done at OBSA to develop high-level pitchers and help players get the most out of their training.

F5 SportsTechnology Partner

pitchLogic is proud to partner with OBSA. Eric is an authority on the use of pitchLogic technology and its application in developing players' maximum potential.

Anthony RobinsonParent

I have really enjoyed the experience that my son has gained from arriving at OBSA. He noticed great changes within weeks of proper mechanics, control and velocity. The trainers are very professional and provide key details and adjustments that improve performances. They spend the time and work closely with the players and provide additional training to work outside of scheduled sessions to stay on track and excel at all levels. The proof is in GREAT results!

Adam BourassaPittsburgh Pirates Area Supervisor

OBSA has quickly become one of the best facilities for developing talent in Southwest Ohio and beyond. The combination of new-age instruction, coupled with cutting edge technology and an understanding of what it takes to be successful at the highest levels of baseball make OBSA one of a kind. Player focused with specific, individualized attention to what each player needs is very recognizable when attending a Pro Workout at OBSA. Eric and staff are forward thinkers who keep pushing the development game!